A concept reel of SEN / SEN


A project which composed with a hardcover file folder, a pile of short stories processed in letterpress printing, and a selection of photographs by twenty-eight artists that are corresponded to the texts by Shauba Chang. Limited to 500 copies, coming soon in July.



一個結合圖像與文字的出版計劃,由裱布精裝的文件夾、二十八位藝術家所拍攝的作品以及活版印刷制作的散文集組成,每張攝影各自對應到由Shauba Chang所撰寫的文字之中。限量發行五百份,預計於七月發行。

Starring / ChiChi Yao
Story & Art / Shauba Chang
Director / Eitzel Chang
Music / Luming Lu, ZhiMing Ko
Photographer / Hyperreality Mer, Wallace Wu