A Micro Odyssey by Marco Castelli


以攝影重新詮釋行星與細菌間的關係,一直是藝術家Marco Castelli所嘗試的。大部分關於微生物或細菌的攝影作品,都帶有科學研究的性質,適合觀察且用於強調其中獨特的生物構成。然而這一次,藝術家所想展現給我們看的,並非是那些微小且難以察覺的東西,或是裸眼幾乎看不見的事物,而是利用細菌菌落天然構成的幾何圖樣,透過放大或投射成其他種尺寸,翻轉原於我們認知的關於大與小之間的邏輯與描述,透過這樣的方法暗示行星、宇宙甚或所有具象徵性質的隱喻。不但彰顯了微生物原本就蘊藏的魅力與神秘感,也使其成為不凡的圖像與意義(並特別在命名上與行星的名字有所關連)。而在這樣的關係中,Marco Castelli試圖以攝影偕同科學提示了那些在這個年代中,為許多藝術生產命題所遺忘的一些精神或省思。(文字引用自策展人Caterina Pacenti)


The trinomial photography, planets and bacteria and the binomials heaven and earth, finite and infinite, known and unknown, give shape to the emotions and reflections that Marco Castelli’s work wants to convey and inspire. Opposites vie for our moods and our feelings: dark and light, fantasy and reality, truth and abstraction.

Most of the photographs of microbes and bacteria have a scientific nature, adapted to detect and to emphasize the unique geometries that these are able to form. This time, however, the interest is not to show the invisible or what is hardly visible to the naked eye, but to use the natural geometry of bacterial colonies to enlarge and project them into another dimension, reversing all logic and report between big and small, thus loading the planets, the universe and all the work of symbolic values. This gives them charm and mystery, makes them sublime images and ironic too (particularly referring to the planets names), which in their relationship with science recall the themes, the spirit and the philosophy of a lot of artistic production from the last century. (Caterina Pacenti, Curator, 2016)


Marco Castelli
Castelli was born in 1991 and helivesin Firenze, Italy. He is currently working with local magazines and newborn editorial realities. From 2013,hehas been the assistant photographer of Alberto Conti (Contrasto - progetti per la fotografia).At the same time, he is carrying on both personal and documentary research. His works have been published and displayed internationally.