Asia Anarchy Alliance 亞細亞安那其連線

AAA本事 ︱ The Manifesto of AAA 

2014 年,311 福島核災事件發生後的第三年,因為輻射持續外洩、核廢料等問題無法解決,引致亞洲各國勢力重新改組,各國政府與跨國公司更加緊密結合奉行新自由主義 以延續其政治版圖。 
後民國 Republic without people、西京人 Xijing Men、新政府 the new government of japan 與數十位亞洲志同道合的藝術家結成同盟,堅持反核能、自由意志與人道關懷價值。
2014 年 2 月 6 日,由後民國-沒人共和國總理大臣招集了西京人與坂口恭平所成立的日本新政府在東京灣會師,宣布AAA亞細亞安娜其連線在東京成立,由三方代表簽署聯合公約。

3月 18 日,由台灣年輕世代的發起抗爭運動影響到全亞洲。呼應台灣年輕世代的抗爭,2014 年 5月 16 日,AAA決定將計劃移到台北,佔領關渡美術館進行為期 8 周的藝術展示計劃。 
2014/5/12 n 2014, the third year after the incident of 311 Fukushima nuclear disaster, with the leaking of radiation and nuclear waste issues still remain unsolved, which alters the political map of the leading countries in Asia. In order to continue its political influences, the governments and multinational enterprise adapt neoliberalism more closely as its consequences. 
People’s Republic of China Republic without People, Xijing Men, The New Government of Japan and a great number of like-minded Asian artists then allied as Asia Anarchy Alliance, they insisted on principles of anti-nuclear power, free will and the humanitarian concerns.

6th, February, 2014, The prime minister of People’s Republic of China Republic without People convened an official meeting with Xijing Men and the New Government of Japan founded by Kyohei Sakaguchi in Tokyo Bay. Later the AAA founding manifesto was released in Tokyo, with the convention alliance signed by three parties. From 8th, March 2014 to 20th, April 2014, the AAA occupied the Tokyo Wonder Site as its first wave of Art-exhibiting movement; meanwhile, the influence of protest activity initiated by youth generation of Taiwan was widespread in Asia. In order to resonate with the Taiwanese youth protest, the AAA decided to move the project to Taipei and to occupy the KdMoFA with its art-exhibiting project for eight weeks, starting from 15th, May onward. 

參展藝術家 Participating artists: 
會田誠 Aida Makoto / 陳界仁 CHEN Chieh-Jen / 陳擎耀 CHEN Ching-Yao / 陳敬元 CHEN Ching-Yuan /張立人CHANG Li-Ren / 李光頂 Dinh Q. Lê / 潘逸舟 HAN Ishu / 文敬媛&全浚皓 MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho / 強派特.庫斯納托 Jompet Kuswidananto / 坂口恭平 Sakaguchi Kyohei /森村泰昌 Morimura Yasumasa / 杜珮詩 TU Pei-Shih / 照屋勇賢 Teruya Yuken / 姚瑞中YAO Jui-Chung / 葉振宇 YEH Chen-Yu /袁廣鳴 YUAN Goang-Ming / 孫原+彭禹 SUN Yuan & PENG Yu / 蘇圖西亞.蘇芭芭恩雅 Sutthirat Supaparinya / 

亞細亞安那其連線Asia Anarchy Alliance
2014 / 5 / 16 - 7 / 13 
Curator: Wu Dar-Kuen
Opening: 5 / 21 at 5pm
Location: 國立臺北藝術大學關渡美術館 Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
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  • AAA passport

  • 無事紀念碑MONUMENT FOR NOTHING IV by 會田誠 Makoto Aida, 2012

  • 世界博覽會 World Expositions by 杜珮詩 Tu Pei-Shih, 2014

  • 戰鬥之城 第一集 Battle City EP1 by 張立人 Chang Li-Ren, 2012

  • 台灣 佔領第568小時 The 568th Hour of Occupation by 袁廣鳴 Yuan Goang-Ming, 2014

  • 日本 安魂曲:嘲笑獨裁者 A Requiem: Laugh at the Dictator by 森村泰昌 Yasumasa Morimura, 2007

  • 世界的盡頭 El Fin del Mundo by 全浚皓, 文敬媛 Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, 2012

  • 毯子 Blanket by 葉振宇 Yeh Chen-Yu, 2014

  • 彼此的記憶 Memory of each other by 潘逸舟 Ishu Han, 2010

  • 聲音與狂怒 Sound & Fury by 李光頂 Dinh Q. Lê, 2012

  • 文字 Word by 強派特.庫斯納托 mpet Kuswidanant, 2014