Always Looking For Something Else by Shauba Chang

Open your eyes. Wake up. Check the weather. Go out. Passing by strangers. Say hello. Staring at your reflection. Shop in the market. Exchange the look with strangers. Spend your time on finding a key longer than unlock the door. Forget the two-thirds of the whole things you've been through today unconsciously. Even though, you still pretend not knowing that you're having a life  which repeated 85% of itself day after day. Surf on the internet. Turn on TV. All the headlines will become the rubbish on the street by tomorrow. Choose specific people to remember their preferences as many as possible. Probably know several ways to comfort a person, but never care about the care label of your clothes. Sometimes, you can't tell the differences between the smell of a soap and the smell of a squid. Toss away the old stuffs and buy the new one instead. Toss away things you don't like and get a new one you like. Believe that some day, the world will be different. Or there will be some world, everyday is different. Anyways.

睜開眼睛,醒來,查詢天氣,盥洗,出門,和陌生人擦肩而過。寒暄,眼角瞄著反射的身影,逛超市,和陌生人交換眼神。摸索鑰匙的時間比打開門鎖的時間還久。下 意識把今天看見的所有事物忘記三分之二,就算如此,依舊假裝不知道自己過著重複率高達百分之八十五的生活。上網,打開電視,所有的頭條在明日只是街上的垃 圾。挑選特定的對象盡量記清楚他們的喜好。大概知道安慰他人的方法有哪些公式,但不曾注意衣服上的洗標。有時候,肥皂的味道跟烏賊的味道沒有分別。舊的就 淘汰掉,換成新的。不喜歡的也丟掉,換成新的。相信總有一天這世界會不一樣,或者,總有一個世界每天都不一樣。最後都無所謂了。