Elles se rendent pas compte. (They don't realize.) by Armand Yerly

The work of Swiss artist Armand Yerly is a series of photographs presenting kinetic motorized sculptures entitled Elles se rendent pas compte(They Don't Realize).

The artist’s sculptures imitate, in a tactile way, specific intimate interpersonal interactions such as beating, caressing, congratulating and other activities that need two people or the above-mentioned kind of machine to be enacted.
From Armand Yerly:
'The materials are chosen by instinctive criterias, but if I had to explain them, I would say that on one hand I am (almost inevitably) in a recycling perspective, and on the other that I choose a material for his “reality level“, which has to be high enough. For instance, I consider wood to be more “real“ than paper or cardboard (not used) as it is less moldable, less easily accessible, thus more efficient. Paint for example is generally avoided, as its “thickness“, or “reality level“ is very small on this instinctive scale.'

Another peculiarity of these works is the fact that after construction they are photographed once – and then destroyed. This means that in each case only the photography or the original sculpture exists.
這一系列動力裝置是瑞士藝術家Armand Yerly的影像作品,取名為Elles se rendent pas compte 《他們沒有實現》。
「這些材料靠直覺選取,如果一定要我解釋,我會說一方面我是站在一個(幾乎無法避免)的『回收』角度,另一方面則是我依據材料本身的『真實』程度來挑選,換言之,必須夠真實才行。舉例來說,我認為木材要比紙張或是沒使用過的瓦愣紙還要來的『真』,因為木材比較無法塑形,也比較難取得,因此更有效果;塗漆我通常會避免使用,因為它的『厚度』,直覺來看,它的真實程度非常的低。」藝術家Armand Yerly曾如此說道。
Each title of the work as displayed(作品名稱依順序排列):
Petting Machine 安撫機
Machine to make bad people nicer 讓壞人變得好一些的機器
Ungrumpying device dedicated to the most frustrated 專為最沮喪的人設計的心情轉換裝置
The head crusher or the chinese method 腦袋砸碎機或中國式作法
The rest images are the installation views at Hauser Gallery