Born After Birth by Craig Gibson

This series of images documents the ritual of Adult Baptism and its surroundings within The Baptist Church community.

In being one of the many strands of belief in Christianity, and with no hierarchy, Baptist churches believe in full immersion baptisms. As a pillar of faith adult baptism is seen as the only legitimate means to wash one's sins away, and therefore, reject the validity of infant baptism.

Baptists' believe baptism to be a public witness of the identification of one's faith within Christ in the symbolic process of his death, burial and resurrection.


即便在日新月異的現代,宗教儀式仍不脫距離感與神聖性。蘇格蘭攝影師Craig Gibson拍了一系列圍繞著浸信會成人受洗儀式的「Born After Birth」,象徵性地標幟了基督信仰中的死而復生。在處理這個深刻的母題時,Craig將觀看角度與激情保持一段距離,卻成功使得嚴肅的儀式不那麼遙遠,並令作品留下靜謐的氣氛。

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