Conversation with Kaj Lehmann

Please introduce yourself.
My name ist Kaj Lehmann. I'm studying graphic design in lucerne, switzerland.

What kind of room do you have?
I have an empty room. I put things in it all the time, but however, it stays empty. The room has one window, a wooden floor and plain white walls.

What do you usually do in your room?
Using a computer, reading, folding clothes, and sleeping.

How will you define the word "room"?
Meiner Meinung nach ist ein Raum ein eingegrenzter Bereich. Die Grenzen können Materiell oder Immateriell sein. Der Punkt, von wo man ein Raum betritt, beeinflusst das Empfinden eines Raumes für immer.

If you're heading to an inexperienced place, where it could be? And why?
I think this place could be somewhere in Alaska. A place that's only accessible on foot. The Woods, the Rivers, Mountains, such things make me feel alive.

Please share one piece of news that you're interested in the most recently.
In Dubai some people built a tower with the height of 828 meters.

Do you have any dirty secret? How do you deal with it? Where do you keep it?
I'm not good at keeping secrets. I don't talk with anybody about certain things, but there's always a right person to tell my secrets (mostly complete strangers). Therefore i dont have a dirty secret.

Which is your favrorite moment in a day? Why?
The morning, because of the light. It's the time of day I'm most awake.

In your opinion, are you able to change the world? How?
To answer this question you'd have to define what you mean with "world". I think you can't change the world at large, the human species is heading for a certain point, this process would be slow-/stopable, but only with mass destruction. But everything you do has influence on the world around you. Especially with photography you can try to give consciousness about certain things to other people. I made two series (berlin/wake up) with such an aim.