Days of Threshold by Jeremy Ayer

Days of Threshold is a photographic narrative about a boy becoming a teenager and who invents his own dream world.  
Jeremy Ayer's images are about souvenirs or memories of certain places or actions. He thinks of them as visual echoes. There is something very intimate and familiar about these images but it is not shown overtly. It is alluded to in ways that makes the viewer start thinking of what it could be. He wishes to trigger this mechanism in a visual art form.
Now days we are adept of reading images, at understanding that the artist or photographer might want something from us. Jeremy Ayer's pictures play with this part of the viewers reaction but don't offer a clear message but playful hints. The images are displayed as an installation, telling the story in a non-linear, fragmented way, with various types of moods which create an impression closer to an atmosphere than a story defined by a timeline.
Born in 1986 in Fribourg, Switzerland. Lives in Paris.

〈Days of Threshold〉是一個關於男孩變成少年、並發明了他自己夢想世界的影像敘事。這些影像與一些地方、行動的記憶或紀念息息相關。它們就像是Jeremy Ayer以視覺形式產生的回音,蘊藏著個人且私密的故事,但並不直白地顯示出來。Ayer希望在視覺藝術的形式中觸發一種機制——它暗示的方式使得觀眾開始思考:影像可能在說些什麼?


Jeremy Ayer,1986年生於瑞士、現居巴黎。