Finding Simplicity: Thisispaper Shop Launch

"Simplicity is king in everything we do." - Thisispaper

The crew behind Thisispaper Magzine is proud to bring to you their latest project, Thisispaper Shop. After running a magazine for almost two years they felt the need to expand and step from the digital into the analog world. Why be satisfied with showing beautiful things when you can make them, too.

It started in late 2012. First, a vague idea, then it began to crystalize, and by the time winter returned they seriously got down to work. They launched Thisispaper Shop to make a statement. We disagree with mass production and consumptionism, with the relentless quest for new products that satisfy artificially created needs.

They'd much rather go back to basics, own just a few items, made and handled with care. No everyday item is too dull or too unglamorous to be carefully designed, handcrafted and loved. They believe that beauty lies in the simple objects we use everyday, without even acknowledging it. They pay attention to these little things and to how they’re made. All products in the shop are hand- made by them in the studio or sourced from environment-savvy suppliers. The Earth suffers no harm.



Take a look:


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