Fragments, past, diffuse memory: Neuza Rodrigues

Neuza Rodrigues, 22 years old, graphic design student and a "photography enthusiast".

Neuza started to taking photos at 13 and she always felt something special about registering moments. She loves to put memories on paper and register places that she doesn't want to lose.

Neuza prefer analog photography. The process is important - the ritual of setting the camera ready, thinking about everything I want in the frame and then waiting impatiently to see the result.


The serie "unknown" is about identity. Neuza found slides in the garbage and decided to work on it,

” I don't know who these people are and I'll never know. When I think about that, I put some questions, like: where are this people now? why they threw the photos to the garbage? and I automatically think of death. Not necessarily a bodily death, you know? Something died in those people, I do not know what. And their identity is an important part of this death, so I decided to remove them which makes them recognizable. These people are ‘missing bodies’  just like the slides. and they are also the memory of some diffuse thing. “

1992年出生的Neuza Rodrigues,現在於里斯本就讀平面設計,並自稱「攝影狂熱者」。13歲便開始練習拍照的她,著迷於紀錄生活片段,把記憶複製到紙上,永久地保有走過的地方。Neuza喜歡底片攝影。放置底片,思考畫面的配置,到不安地等待沖洗結果——對她來說,過程,是攝影中最美麗的部份。


Neuza Rodrigues




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