Home Sweet Home by Ryan Oskin

Ryan Oskin is an artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, N.Y. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Photography. His work investigates domesticity and nature through sculpture, installation, and photography. Home Sweet Home consists of plants and objects that have occupied places he has called home. By intervening and constructing still lives from everyday objects, he proposes new ways of relating to the things that surround us. His work was recently featured in Capricious Issue 14.

甜蜜的家(Home, Sweet Home)這系列作品是藝術家Ryan Oskin 藉由原本就會出現在家中的物品與植物,利用重新擺放和配置,他提出了我們與日常環境關係的嶄新觀點。他目前居住與工作於紐約布魯克林。