Homes by Mu-Tien Tammy Ho






The windows in our houses demarcate a permeable boundary between the inside and outside. The interior is a shelter, a back region, and a place that offers a sense of relaxation; people on the exterior are not invited to enter this intimate space. However, the boundaries of our ‘castle’ can somehow be crossed by simply looking through the windows.

As a foreigner, Mu-Tien Tammy Ho is fascinated by the large street-facing windows in residential buildings in Brighton. They are very different from her city, Taipei, where people live in high apartments with small windows. The windows in Brighton remind her she is not in her city, but at the same time they also offer her clues to British everyday life, about which she is very curious.

She finds she cannot take her eyes off the windows. For her, even an ordinary domestic scene is attractive and special. Yet, did she just feel a sense of alienation when peeking in from outside?

By cooperating with local residents (who are mostly strangers to her), she tries to straddle the line between snapshot and staged photography, and expresses the everyday from an outsider’s view.