Into the Layers by Sasa Stucin

Sasa Stucin is visual artist and recent Royal College of Art graduate who turned focus towards new surface strategies, fictions of the amazing future and desert, while taking photos, making cakes, eating oysters and turning architectural exemplars into coffee tables.

Her photographs are abbreviations of experiences and objects. She uses a tourist's camera and produces images of the same style, direct and naive. However she often furnishes these environments with people and souvenirs of her own conception. Natural growths, atmospheres, tidal forces, are at odds contemporary brands and internet imagery.

She is interested in immediate spaces and transformation of these. She wants to transform airports into holiday resorts. Banks into oyster farms. Hotel rooms into galleries. Galleries into spas.

視覺藝術家Sasa Stucin畢業於英國皇家藝術學院,她的創作重心放在平面結構的打造與重組、關注充滿未來感的小說、熱衷於沙漠,她拍照、做蛋糕、喜歡吃牡蠣,會把建築大師的典範作品改成咖啡邊桌。