Kay Walkowiak: A Different Order

In his photographs, sculptures and videos, Kay Walkowiak explores the concepts of emptiness and fullness, distance and proximity, display and situation. The artist combines ready-mades and minimalist objects and places them in dense choreographies and absurd narratives: abandoned hula hoops hanging from steel frames; top athletes performing mysterious rituals amidst futuristic architecture. Locations such as Chandigarh, Varanasi and Beijing provide the stimulus, stage and subject for his work, calling into question the notion of authorship and extending ambiguous invitations to the spectator. His works always remain open and are re-generated with each new viewing.

Kay Walkowiak was born in 1980 in Salzburg. He studied philosophy, psychology and visual art in Vienna and completed his post-graduate studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Erwin Wurm.


Kay Walkowiak的攝影、雕塑和錄像之中,他探索虛空與飽滿、距離與親近度、展示與處境的種種發想。藝術家組合了現成物和極簡主義的物件,並把它們置於在縝密的編排和荒謬的敘事角度中:廢棄呼拉圈懸吊在鋼架上、頂尖運動員在未來感建築內表演神秘的儀式,如昌迪加爾、瓦拉納西和北京等地則提供了他表現的舞台、刺激和作品的主題,對創作者身份這個概念提出質疑、接而向觀者送出曖昧的邀請。他的作品始終保持著開放性,並總能在每一個新的視角中活化再生。

Kay Walkowiak於1980年在薩爾茨堡出生。曾在維也納修習哲學、心理學與視覺藝術,並在維也納應用藝術大學(University of Applied Arts Vienna)取得學位。