Luminant Screen Shapings by Stephan Tillmans

Luminant Screen Shapings is the recent project finished by German artist Stephan Tillmans. It's a photographic series of old tube televisions taken at the very moment they are switched off. The TV picture breaks down and is abstracted to its essential element: light. Each of these photographs is from a different TV, but it's also the length of exposure, timing, and time the TV has been running before the photo is taken that affects the results.

「螢幕現形」是德國藝術家Stephan Tillmans最近完成的計劃。延續他前一個系列,以舊式映像管電視作為拍攝對象,捕捉在關掉電源前,螢幕光滅的那瞬間。因為每張拍攝的電視皆不同以及時間上的差距,造成了像是抽象雕朔般的結果,但他們都有一個共通點:光線,成了決定性瞬間最重要的影響因素。


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