Mapping by Sarah Eisenlohr

現居美國蒙大拿州的拼貼藝術家Sarah Eisenlohr,從紙本雜誌擷取下圖像,經過全新的佈局,扭曲、轉移時空與人的關係,重組成帶有超現實感的作品。藝術家將內在心靈的探索訴諸紙張,打破了固化生活中理所當然的相對狀態,不僅帶來視覺上的奇觀,更像是拿著一只哈哈鏡,映射平凡生活中的諸多情感。觀眾是作品前的全知巨人,凝視著被膠水固著的剪紙群眾,卻從未見過這些到不了的地方,於是,同時被它們具象卻超自然的不確定性吸引。你也許會想在Sarah Eisenlohr的作品中挖掘一些隱喻和象徵,又或者只要單純訴諸精神,像是隨著夢境泅泳。


Sarah Eisenlohr is a collage artist living in Montana, USA. She recently graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an emphasis in painting. While attending, she created her first collage series entitled, Mapping. The series transformed existing magazine imagery of landscapes and architecture by introducing people who live and interact with these places, as a way to re-map idealized and untouched places in relationship to dynamics of space, time, and culture. Her work since then has shifted into themes that are more specific to personal life. They are byproducts of the mundane, predictability of our days and the more substantial moments that leave an impression on our minds. Her most recent pieces have been influenced by Biblical concepts, washed out colors, and paint medium. 

Her work has been featured in various exhibitions in the USA and also has been finding its way abroad at the Miscelanea in Barcelona. It has also been featured in ÒThe Age of Collage,Ó a book published by Gestalten and is part of a permanent collection at The Montana Museum of Art & Culture.