Medianoche by Rafael Arocha

Medianoche refers to a border that confronts us with certain limits. A temporary space in which we can explore the relationship between instinct and desire, the behaviours that they give rise to and the manifestation of our fantasies of seduction. In this work the night leads us to an exercise that gives us the opportunity to show ourselves in a light less ordinary way. A kind of theatricality and liberation flow through us and release us to connect with each other in new ways. The bar, the club... become a stage for our performance: a space for exploration where we can approach our secret desires. Medianoche gathers the work that Rafael Arocha carried out for several years but it shown here as if all happened in a single night. A work that aims to recreate the observation state induced by our desire to approach the other.  Medianoche was recently self-published in a book by Rafael Arocha. It is worldwide distributed by DALPINE.

Rafael Arocha was born in Gran Canaria (Spain) in 1978. He lived in London for several years and since 2003 resides in Barcelona. He studied Industrial Relations, career he decided to put aside to pursue photography.  With his work he explores personal and social conflicts related to perception, communication and emotional states. In recent years he has also worked in the organization of projects such as Barcelona Magnum Workshops 2009, Al-liquindoi Workshops, Fisheye Photo Meeting portfolio reviews or Trafic Festival of Barcelona.


西班牙攝影師Rafael Arocha在作品中尋跡個人與社會衝突的覺知、交流與情緒狀態,花了好幾年累積了以〈Medianoche〉為題的系列攝影,雖然時間、地點與人皆不同,然而乍看都像是發生在同一個晚上。作品旨在重新創造一個觀看的狀態,誘發於我們渴望靠近他人的欲求。〈Medianoche〉意謂著一個以一定限度逼視著我們的邊界,人們委身一個暫時性的空間,去探索本能與慾望之間的關係、引發的行為以及誘惑奇想的體現。夜晚帶來了在微光中展現自己的機會,在這樣戲劇性與解放的況味之下,人們以一種新的方式連結了彼此,酒吧與俱樂部成為了舞台,在此貼近人與人的種種隱秘渴望。此系列的攝影作品,近期也由藝術家集結編冊、自行出版,並由DALPINE全球發行。