Mirage: Yoshioka's Mirror at Milan Design Week

Mirror plates at various angles would produce sparkle and make a collage of scenery in mirrors.
MIRAGE is consisting of several reflecting surfaces that can be mounted at different angle, and also can be transformed into several type of design, thanks to the module system from a special coupling system. Each module is finished with a polishing that reminds us of classic mirror manufacturing, combining modernity and tradition; a complement that becomes a work of art and an innovative interpretation of a traditional piece of furnishing that is carried on with subtlety and lightheartedness.

It exists in space like a mirage made of mirror.

日本設計師吉岡德仁與義大利設計品牌LEMA合作,將於今年的米蘭傢具展(Milano Salone 2013)發表新作品:海市蜃樓(Mirage)。作品由鏡片組成,經由設計,每片皆可以調整不同高度與角度因而反映出不同的風景。結合當代技術、每片鏡子也以傳統工法打造,吉岡德仁利用鏡影,為觀者創造了一片難分虛實的風景。


Tokujin Yoshioka - LEMA "MIRAGE"
Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2013
Date:  2013.4.9 - 4.14
Venue:  Milan Fairgrounds, Rho