"I am deeply fascinated by the tension I sense beneath the surface of things, particularly that which underlies the everyday and the mundane. I want to show that the truth is not something simple, that there are not always clear and definitive answers. So, sometimes by showing things out of context or by marrying opposites I try to force a conversation that combines irony, humour and melancholy. To this end, editing and presentation are crucial in placing nature and our constructed world either in harmony or at odds. That relationship beguiles me, and much of my work is an effort to develop a new language - or invent a dialogue - that explores our physical experience of reality. Often, my intent is simply to make something pleasing to the eye out of something practically useless in an attempt to create new meaning." Nico Krijno



Nico Krijno started taking photos at a very young age while growing up in a small town in the South African semi desert, before venturing to Cape Town to pursue his career in photography and film. Krijno's subject matter is wildly eclectic; sausages and carrots on a blindingly bright tropical shirt or a schoolgirl holding a snake sit alongside one of several portraits of his muse and girlfriend Mignonne. His photographs are at once hyperreal and otherworldly, seen as a physical performance with humour, sexual innuendo and surreality present in equal measure. Raw as well as magical, the work contains a dirty realism he is beginning to make his own.

His first solo show, 'On How To Fill Those Gaps' in late 2011 - and the accompanying self published book - was widely lauded and selected works has since been included in group shows in Edinburgh, Milan, Los Angeles and Glasgow & London. He was nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2013.