Oslo Academy of Fine Art: BA Degree show

KHIO BA Degree show 2013
Opening May 25 at 6pm - Øvre Fossum Gård, Oslo

Duration 26.05 to 09.06
Thursday - Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.

This years show is hosted at a former farm in the outskirts of Oslo, making it a unique setting for a Academy degree exhibition. From 6pm there will be a barbecue and bar + dj's in the garden.

The exhibiting artists include: Kristoffer Anders Skogheim Amundsen, Bjarne Bare, Jørn Bjercke, Sindre Brusselmans, Tobias Alexander Danielsson, Miriam Hansen, Siri Iversen-Ejve, Henrik Mojord Jahnsen, Silje Johannessen, Linda Karin Larsen, Solveig Lønseth, Svetlana Negashova, Sara Jenny Charlotta Rönnbäck, Lise Steingrim, Peter Christian Sæbø, Morten Jensen Vågen, Per Joel Sebastian Westerlund and Ruben Aas and it is curated by Natalie Hope O’Donnell


Works in the picture: (From the second image) They are Hardtack - Big Splash - Grapnel Grapple by Bjarne Bare 2013