Pocket Talismans by Carlos Arroyo Galaxia

I have always collected random pocket sized objects found scattered around town. Recently I noticed that these objects had some hold over me.  

They had a potential from a prior existence, a power that then multiplied the longer I carried them on my person. One piece instinctively drew to another, they were bound together, and their energy fused. They were no longer objects I found. Now I am creating new talismans.

*The strong linkage between the beginnings of symbolic religious creation and an energetic concept is demonstrated by the most primitive ideas about a magic potency, regarded as an objective power and, at the same time, as a subjective state of intensity.

As an example: The concept of Churinga(Tjurunga) for the Australians: The Churinga as ritual object indicated the next use: The aboriginal has a vague and imprecise conviction, but no less strong, that a Churinga, as all sacred objects that have been inherited from generation to generation, is not only endowed with the magic power that was put into it when created, but has also adopted the strength of all individuals to whom it has belonged. The owner of Churinga rubs it constantly with his hand while he sings.... and little by little he feels that a special relationship is established between him and the sacred object, and that a force passes from the object to him and from him to the object. The force of the fetishes (talismans) are recharged if they are placed during weeks or months next to another strong fetish (talisman).

P.D: The word fetish comes from the Portuguese term feitiço , which means "magic" or "spell" ...

*The dynamics of the unconscious. Jung. Chapter about the energy of the soul


散落在城裡的各個角落,總有些被人遺落的物件,我蒐集這些可以放進口袋裡的小東西有段時間了。直到最近,我才注意到,它們的存在對我產生了一些影響。它們夾 帶著潛在於過往的種種,威力隨著我擁有它們的時間延長而以倍速增長。在口袋裡的同時,它們本能的挨著彼此;我把它們纏在一起,它們散發出的能量也熔錯成一 體。我正在創作護身符。新生,它們已不再只是被拋棄的物件。

* 具有象徵意味的宗教性符號和總會和性靈、能量等相關概念擺放在一起。這二者之間強烈的連結性,起初是源自於人們對這類物品能夠產生的神奇影響力的最原始想像;這想像包含了物體本身自然散發出的能量,以及,擁有者個人主觀認定的強度。

舉例來說,澳洲原住民佩帶的護身符朱林加(Tjurunga), 作為依儀式而行的一部份,這類神聖之物總有傳遞使用的意味:原住民對朱林加抱持著含糊的信念,也對此認識不深,但這類神聖之物代代相傳,  除了當初製作護身符時被藉由儀式賦予的神奇魔力,經過不同世代的交替,朱林加也繼承了每個擁有者身上的精力和能量。唱歌的時候以手摩挲,每一位有幸擁 有、佩帶朱林加的人漸漸會感覺到一種特別的、物件和人之間的關係逐漸增長,在這之中,能量的遞換傳承是雙向並行的。這類讓人崇拜著迷的護身符如果被擺放在 一起幾個星期或幾個月,它們也能夠因此而吸附力量。

註: 拜物這一詞源自於葡萄牙文feitiço,原意是「魔力」或「 誘惑力」。

* 出自於《無意識動態學》中關於〈靈魂的能量〉的章節,榮格著。