PUTPUT: Everyday is different!

PUTPUT is an interdisciplinary Swiss/Danish artist duo established in 2011 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Operating at the intersection where conceptual photography, styling, art and design meet.


W The works of "Still life" impress people about PUTPUT. The use of daily items such as sponges, candles and brushes in the images is also intriguing. Could you tell us the reason why you choose still life photograph as your artistic expression?

P We are working with still life photography and photography in general because it gives us the opportunity to direct what we want to be seen. In sculptural or other three dimensional work you are quite of able to move around the object, to discover different perspectives and to decide what you want to see. Photography simply gives us the means to both document and decide what we want the audience to see…maybe we are control freaks!

W What is the most essential factor of your creative process?

P The most central aspect is the idea, is the idea strong enough or interesting enough to pursue and realize.

W Your works are simple, neat and distinctive. What have influenced your creativity?

P We are very influenced by traditional still life paintings from the 16th or 17th century and also advertising.

W How do art and design affect your lifestyle? In other words, what is your day made up of?

P Our days are made up of work, work and more work! It could be research one day, sourcing objects, making objects, photographing in the studio, printing images and framing them, working on exhibitions and getting things ready for different publications or working on commissions for different clients. Everyday is different!




W 「靜物」構成了人們對於PUTPUT的印象,畫面中常常畫龍點睛地使用海綿、蠟燭、刷子等常民物件也令人感到好奇。可否和我們聊聊選擇靜物攝影作為表現方式的原因?

P 我們從事靜物攝影和一般的攝影,因為它給了我們機會去主導我們想要讓人看見的東西。在雕塑或其他立體的工作中,你能夠很容易地把物體移來移去,去發現不同的視角,以及選擇想要看到什麼。攝影提供了乾脆的方式——檔案格式,以及我們能決定希望觀眾看到的事物……也許我們是控制狂!

W 什麼是你們創作過程中最不可或缺的因素?

P 最核心的環節是想法,想法夠不夠強烈、夠不夠有趣,值得去追求和實現。

W 你們的作品簡潔俐落、風格鮮明,哪一些事物或多或少地影響了你們的創作走向?

P 我們受到16或17世紀以來傳統靜物畫很大的影響,以及廣告。

W 藝術與設計如何影響你們的生活方式?換句話說,什麼組成了你們的一日?

P 我們的日子充滿了工作、工作、更多的工作!這可能是做了一天的研究,採買物品,製作物品,在工作室拍攝,印刷影像並裝裱它們,做展覽,將不同的出版品準備就緒,或做著不同客戶的案子。每一天都是不同的!