Quiz for No.223

1. Please introduce yourslef.
No.223, Beijing. A Hedonism photographer. A weird writer. Love visual culture and traveling.

2. Where were you born? And where did you grow up?
I was born in Guangdong. Grew up in Fujian and Guangdong.

3. What did you write down for the topic “What do you want to be” when you’re a child?
Like every school kids: the scientist.

4. The memory of your first kiss?
Blood. Blood. Blood. Erection. Erection. Erection.

5. How’s the relationship between your work and your life?
I live my life at work. I work out of my life. They can’t be apart.

6. Do you often have dreams? What’s the most impressive one you have?
It’s a dream about a sphere-like Molluscs which enlarge itself bigger and bigger. By the same time, my body was shrinking little by little in infinity. I used to have this dream quite ofter in my childhood.

7. Do you like the outfit with or without pockets? Why?
With the pocket. I can put my hands in it.

8. What kind of item do you want the most to put in the pocket? Why?
The most beloved person to me.


1. 請簡短的自我介紹

2. 在哪裡出生長大?

3. 小時候寫我的志願的時候是怎麼寫?

4. 第一次接吻的回憶?

5. 創作跟你的生活是什麼樣的關係呢?

6. 你常做夢嗎?印象最深的夢是什麼呢?

7. 喜歡有口袋還是沒有口袋的衣服?為什麼?

8. 最想要放什麼東西在口袋裡面?為什麼?