Reilluminate by Allison Watkins

Reilluminate, 2014-(ongoing)

Most of our relationships with plants are during the day, during the magic of photosynthesis, a time when we can admire the visible beauty of nature lit up brightly by the sunlight. Allison Watkins walks around at night and gathers plants and flowers with controlled lighting, illuminating the darkened garden that has receded since the sun has gone down. This process brings attention to the temporal light of the day, having much in common with the temporal existence of plants and flowers- their constantly changing shape and form calls attention to their short-lived life span.

Allison Watkins is a visual artist who currently explores our perceptions of materiality through her photography and mixed media works. She is interested in documenting the instability of all forms and how our grasp of, and relationships to these forms change throughout time.



視覺藝術家Allison Watkins,目前透過她的攝影及複合媒材作品探索人們對物質性的看法。她喜愛記錄所有形式的不穩定和人們如何去把握,以及經過時間洗禮之下,在這些形式中所改變的關係。