Sabine Perigault: The Flow of the Substances

For Sabine Perigault creating stands equal to thinking; it’s a necessity, a urge, a compulsion. Philosophizing / creating always starts personal, If she keeps subjects close to heart , later on she can easily see them in a larger perspective. She experiences, notes, observes and then she abstracts the subject. By abstracting she creates a more distance between her and the subject (project) and she can look at it more objectively. Feelings & issues are abstracted in (minimal) shapes and materials. 

Her images are build by combining different forms, objects and materials. By using basic and sometimes minimal shapes, She tries to hit the essence of the subject. Photography is her way of philosophizing about the structures and layers of our behavior towards others and ourselves. 

In a time where everything and everyone is fast, makes it's much more important to stand still within yourself.


荷蘭攝影師Sabine Perigault醉心於靜物攝影,她受到當代藝術的洗禮,並啓發於周遭稍縱即逝的一切。她的作品創建了一個舞台,從個人意識與經驗出發,去安排這些形式、物體與材料,她在這些抽象基礎的形狀構成裡面,調整了慣常凝視事物的角度——之於Perigault,攝影既是客觀的媒介,亦像是曼荼羅般,主觀的體現了她個人觀照萬物的哲思。