Sydney Sie: Into the Shape of Nothingness

Sydney Sie, born 1988, Taiwan. She's a photographer as well as a graphic designer. Her artwork is often rife with gradient color, optical illusion and everything about feminine. She wants her works to be bright but eerie, and include aspects of graphic such as colours that interest her particularly. She likes capturing surreal moments, all those moments or atmospheres she created through different analogue with or without digital touch. She's always searching an unique way to see the inside and the outside of things. Whether through multi-figured compositional complexity and suggestive narratives or with a straight forward and isolate human forms. There are autobiographical narratives at play very often.

1988年的台灣攝影師Sydney Sie,同時也是一名平面設計師。他的作品往往由漸層色、錯視與女體等圖形化的元素所構成,以曖昧的顏色與佈局建構了二維的世界。Sie將攝影作為主觀的心之眼,塑造印象強烈的外在形態,同時暗示著內裡埋藏的影像敘事——這樣的刻意使得觀看的慣性遭到作品移轉,讓一切充滿明亮卻詭譎的特質。