Trace by Julie van der Vaart


”Traces” is made on the occasion of the ”Out of Space” exhibition at the Z33, house for contemporary art in Hasselt, under the frame of the main exhibition ”Space Odyssey 2.0”. Julie was asked to carry out a project on the theme ”space”. She took the theory of panspermia as her starting point, which says that life on earth originated by contamination from outside. This made her look at the human as an alien, something ”strange” that must be investigated. Julie’s images serve as evidence for this strange form of life and are presented as a collection of traces.

Julie van der Vaart
comes from Maastricht, The Netherlands (1988) but lives and works in Belgium. After obtaining a Master in Fine-arts, Photography she started the Specific Teacher Training to become an art teacher. Julie is currently combining work at an art academy with personal projects and her studies (Master of Research in Art and Design).