Waterfall: Everyone Has Their Own Rooms

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.” said Blaise Pascal. But I get more interested in: What is your room look like?

Everyone has their own rooms(/space/ perspective /vision/point of view)

How we reflect our “room” onto the world we live, or, how these two different perspectives connect and to affect each other.

From the book The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton to The book Voyage Autour de Ma Chambre by Xavier de Maistre. From a trip to check around your bedroom to a journey roaming in foreign countries.

What things you will be missing after you left here? Is there someone or some places you really couldn’t let go? Any simply familiar sound or smell? How do you imagine the destination you’re heading for? How many stuffs you want/have to do or to try? And so on, the room showed up, because of we shifted from here to there.

Everyone has his specific angle for each issue. To form a room/space, start from his point of view, going through varied paths and dimensions and achieve the core of all the matters as destinations. Different people create different rooms, they were built up by every move we take, every choice we make.

Pass through those trivial things or even personal experiences, to explore the distance/space/room between the whole world and individuals. The war keeps going , we keep having a diet-coke at McDonald’s as usual, since we are now living in the 21st century.

Further more, how your single movement will affect this world?

Everyone has his own room(/space/ perspective /vision/point of view)

We are relying on each other, what is the “other” refer to?

The war in Afghanistan, is it just a section from newspaper? What can we do for those polar bears to help them not to drowned in the water while searching for food? Is it really okay to ignore politics? And instead, concerning if we are getting enough fresh milk and fruits from supermarkets everyday. Is it true that our lives will keep going as usual as long as the broken pieces of solders or children bodies stayed where they were not the backyards of our home?

Can we do more things for the “other”? It could be refer to your daily life, your friends, your family, strangers, movies, fashion modes, capital cities, the Grand Canyon, even more, the war took place in Gaza, etc. We can care more, we can notice more and we can listen more…through our rooms, and then we respond.