Waterfall:POCKET London Launch

WATERFALL 3rd publication: Issue POCKET

E x h i b i t i on / showing original works from this issue /
- x Shauba Chang
- x Hannah Davis
- x Carlos Arroyo Galaxia
- x Weiwei Lo
- x Son Ni
- x Julia Selin
- x Juichung Yao

M u s i c / starts at 7pm /
ATTA KimetaFace
A dual improvise live-performance by Aephie Huimi and Taigen Kawabe (BoNingen)

Sound Art Performance / UK premiere at 8pm /
LSSP aka Laser-Lamps-Sound-Performance
Chunghan Yao, an active member of the new generation of sound artists in Taiwan. Works mostly with sound, while searching for the true connections between video, installation, space and various media.

Copies will be available at a special price during the event.
First edition: 1000 copies. With limited silver ink and foiled colors printed cover. A special edition poster comes along each copy.