Xue Picks: Living Material by Benwu Studio

Benwu Studio,是兩名來自中國的設計師於2011年成立的工作室。目前活躍於倫敦與紐約兩地,專職於傢俱、產品和空間設計等等。系列作品「活材料」是一項探索新的設計方法,去重新利用天然的材料。這個計劃的目的在於發現材料的潛在性與意想起自然美景。通過不同的材料混合於不同規格的樹枝之間,呈現出令人意外的結果,同時也顯示出不同材料之間產生的差異。而將木材放在其他的工業用途中仍是件具挑戰性的事情。這系列作品也為尋求一種超越常規範疇的新運用。雖然實驗的結果看似精美;不過它仍缺乏功能性與耐久性。

“Living material” is a project exploring in a new design method to reutilize the most basic natural material. The aim of this project was to find out the potential of the material and visualize the beauty of the nature. By using different materials to mixed with twigs and branches in achieving many unpredictable outcomes but also presents a very different contrast between the each material. It is also a big challenge by using twigs and branches into another industrial application. The collection searches for a new application beyond conventional categories, although the experiment outcomes look very dedicated, but it does not absence any functionality and durability.



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