Vulkan oder Stein / Anne Schwalbe


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  • Book Size: 24 cm x 31.5 cm
  • Pages: 56
  • Printing: Offset
  • Publisher: Self-Publishing
  • Limited Edition: 1000 signed and numbered

In Anne Schwalbe’s images, the world she sees seems really far away from the reality yet familiar enough to recall layers and layers of memories. By putting them together she constructs a long tunnel and makes people desire to walk in.

The book Vulkan oder Stein contains elements of volcanic stones, sparkles of fire, stardust and ripples whilst the locations remains unknown. These poetic and hazy images allow the reader to re-experience the texture of life. As the pages flipped, the power reveals, as well as the secrets.

It says about the universe and souls.

Vulkan oder Stein是德國攝影師Anne Schwalbe的第三本獨立出版作品,她的作品擁有精細的語言、廣闊的空間感,喚起人們對於世界深深淺淺的記憶與認知。