Double Game / Sophie Calle


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  • Book Size: 14.6cm x 20cm x 3cm
  • Pages: 296
  • Printing: CMYK offset, Hard cover
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1900828284
  • Publication Date: Sep 2007
  • Publisher: Violette Editions

The original edition of Double Game, published in 1999, earned international praise for its concept, content and design. This new edition, identical in content to the first, reprises all the qualities of the original but in a smaller hardback format, including the signature ribbon around its middle.

The story begins with Maria, the fictional character in Paul Auster's novel, Leviathan. Most of Maria's "works" are, in fact, based on those of Sophie Calle. The first section of Double Game takes us through the few original works by Maria that Sophie makes her own, the second section takes the story further into the heart of Calle's world, with a series of Calle's seminal narrative and abstract works in text and images that were appropriated by Maria in Leviathan. The third section of the book takes the dialogue directly to Maria's inventor, Paul Auster, who in turn takes Calle as his subject, inventing for her the Gotham Handbook, which offers "Personal Instructions for SC on How to Improve Life in New York City (Because she asked...)."

最初的版本於1999年釋出,是藝術家Sophie Calle第一本英文文集,由於特殊的體裁與形式設計而大獲好評,旋即絕版。於2007年出版的新版本,復刻與原始相同的設計,包括在書腰綁上紅緞帶。這本書的概念出處源自小說家Paul Auster的小說(Leviathan)主角Maria,當初在描寫這個角色時,他採用了一些Sophie Calle的經歷作為參考。而藝術家轉而利用這個虛構的角色,為她的作品與散文共同鋪呈了這本作品集。