Invisible / Ola Rindal


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  • Book Size: 20 cm x 29 cm
  • Pages: 32
  • Printing: CMYK offset, Soft cover
  • ISBN: 978-82-998640-1-5
  • Publisher: Cornerkiosk Press
  • Limited Edition: 400

The uncertainty of Ola Rindal’s images grasps the viewer and lures one in to a world of photography free from the notion of instant narrative and representation.

Invisible (Pictures for an untold story) is the product of Rindal’s experiments with film, texture, exposure and light. The obvious playfulness in the technique Rindal has chosen for his particular subjects points to a school of photography, where the end result is about exploring a glance, and pushing the boundaries of its terms. Rindal explores the fugitive, the mysterious and invisible in his imagery.

The images for the book have an emphasis on his childhood village of Fåvang, Norway, where Ola Rindal makes up his base when escaping his home in Paris. (Publisher)

這本攝影集的副標「尚未被訴說的故事」正帶出了攝影師Ola Rindal心中所指,這些作品是他對於攝影的測試,實驗底片與質感、曝光與光線之間的距離。這些影像帶領我們回到了他幼時居住的村子,在挪威的一個小鎮,在他逃離巴黎的家後成為了他的基地,在這些詭譎晃悠的照片中,探索他內心意象中的不可見、神祕與流放。