Transparency is the new mystery / Mayumi Hosokura (signed)


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  • Book Size: 29.7 cm x 20 cm
  • Pages: 36
  • Printing: monochrome
  • Publisher: Self-Publishing
  • Limited Edition: 100


Mayumi Hosokura, a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo. Her new practices extends the main concept of her works: the nature, the human, and everything between this two subject. This time, she outlined the shape of the nude, the plants and the minirals in black and white photographs, which brings out the sensitivity and the fragility of the firm, foundamental rules.

日本攝影師細倉真弓(Mayumi Hosokura )延續她的創作主題——自然與人以及其中之間的微妙關聯,使用黑白攝影描繪人體與植物、礦物的樣貌,讓原本看似堅強的事物表象隱隱顯露出纖細脆弱的一面。