Self Publish, Be Naughty


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  • Book Size: 29×22 cm
  • Pages: 132
  • Printing: CMYK offset, Soft cover
  • Publication Date: September 2011
  • Publisher: SPBH

SELF PUBLISH, BE NAUGHTY is a provocative and uncompromising book about love/sex/desire/taboos. SPBN presents the titillating and challenging photographs of 75 contemporary artists in the form of a beautiful and collectible book that is at the same time a homage and a radical subversion of traditional erotica.

It is a flesh manifesto of a fluid approach to sexuality and gender. It’s not a book for bisexuals, it’s a book that doesn’t conform to such old language. New porn, Self Publish, Be Naughty also differs from conventional pornography in that we haven’t commissioned the images. (Publisher)

這是倫敦獨立出版線上平台SPBH(Self Publish, Be Happy!)第一個化作實體的衍伸企劃。由發起人Bruno進行編輯,集合了七十五位創作者的攝影作品呈現愛、性、欲望等主題,同時也以激進顛覆的方式向傳統情色攝影致敬,以挑釁的姿態宣示這是一份具體的、超越性別性向的當代聲明。