No No No No Good Club / Chen Etang


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  • Book Size: 20 x 28 cm
  • Pages: 128
  • Printing: offset CMYK, soft cover, perfect bound
  • ISBN: 978-986-93595-6-6
  • Publication Date: Jun 2019
  • Publisher: dmp editions
  • Edition: 1000

若說活著是場災難,我們也只能勉為其難,一日度過一日,在那些現實表面互相堆疊縫補的間隙中,努力挖掘令自己開心一時的渣屑。《No No No No Good Club》收納了那些令人愉快或不悅的畫面,大賣場、陌生人、婚宴、公園遛狗、海邊派對、空屋、親友、livehouse現場⋯⋯這些陳藝堂所涉足的種種場景,既是他的生活、也是他創作的源頭。書中的眾生萬象,多是令我們疲累的日常,但那些被捕獲、瑣碎無謂的瞬間,卻在藝術家的注視下從縫隙中透出不易察覺的光芒,以被動積極的姿態拼湊出當代社會的邊邊角角。透過陳藝堂的影像,這本攝影集向他者展露了一個在事物表面張力稍縱即逝下依舊能從縫隙取暖的世界,一個我們正身處其中的時代。



This book has two versions of cover, it'll be distributed in random.


If one says living is a disaster, all we can do is barely make it through one day after another. Apart from that, we dig hard into the gaps over the layers of patches of reality to find what’s left that could make us happy for a beat. No No No No Good Clubcollects those crumbs seem delightful or unpleasant, they’re photographs of malls, strangers, wedding banquets, walking dogs in parks, party held spontaneously by the shore, abandoned houses, relatives and friends, gigs at the livehouse and so on, scenes that are not only Chen Etang’s inspiration but also his daily routine. Among this collection, moments that were assembled and seized by the artist, most of them were just another exhausting day of our lives, plain and miscellaneous. But under the artist’s eyes, these bits and pieces were glowing through cracks while depicting the outline of the lives of the times, in a passive positive way. Through the works of Chen Etang, No No No No Good Club has showcased a world with fleeting tension on surfaces of things where you could still find a satisfying spot for your own, a world we’re living in at this very moment.

Etang Chen, born 1983, based in Taipei, Taiwan. In late 20s, he has become a self-taught photographer leaving his position as a vet. He not only works on various commissions but also focuses on several personal projects. By involving underground cultural scenes and by his far-range attention towards details of daily life, he has shaped a unique style in his works through his alternative eyes.