Shauba Log #4 / Shauba Chang


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  • Book Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
  • Pages: 34
  • Printing: B/W, Risograph
  • Language: Chinese, English, Japanese
  • Publication Date: Jun 2023
  • Publisher: dmp editions
  • Limited Edition: 135

A magazine named after the artist Shauba Chang, featuring trivial thins around her life. The contents included random things happening around Shauba herself dated from a long time ago till recent days. A4 size, saddle-stitch bound in limited edition. With some typos. Since 2019, she has entered her impressive 4th year and 4th issue. As a completely self-edited and designed work, the visual and textual presentation on the pages reflects the author's consciousness. While flipping through its pages, it's like watching a person editing one's self.  

The cover of this issue is specially illustrated by Mana Ogata. Many thanks.

一本以藝術家Shauba Chang為名,以其為軸心發展的極主觀雜誌,用看似有邏輯的方式將各種內容整理編排在一起,並運用註解功能,分享了近期的生活瑣事。於2019起已經堂堂邁入第4年 / 第4期,作為完全自行編輯與設計的作品,圖文展呈在頁面上的樣子也映射了作者的意識組成,在翻閱的時候,像是在看著一個人編輯著自己。  

本期封面由 @manaogata 特別繪製,大感謝🙏