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  • Book Size: 23 x 30 cm
  • Pages: 144
  • Printing: CMYK offset, Soft cover
  • Language: English / Chinese
  • ISSN: 2308575-4
  • Publication Date: Spring 2014
  • Publisher: Waterfall

延續著創刊號的規模與架構,NOT TODAY第二期以更加細緻的編輯手法,帶來更多有意思的空間故事。OBJECTS一樣是混合了設計品、常民物件、藝術品的精選單元;INTERVIEWS找來德國家具品牌E15創辦人Philipp Mainzer與Labor雜誌創辦人Alan和Coni,在法蘭克福和布宜諾艾利斯的家訪;為了THE KITCHEN單元,波蘭線上藝文平台Thisispaper跑了一趟華沙當地的有機農夫市集,烹製新式波蘭料理;SOMETHING SPATIAL單元則以「藝術家駐村」為軸心,開展出充滿深度與興味的問答和自我剖析;來到A SPACE FOR單元,我們出訪了布魯塞爾由舊式啤酒釀製廠改建而成的WIELS美術館,以及位在臺南新美街上、古時曾是繁華海港通商地的么八二畫廊;此外,本期新增兩個單元:CURATOR’S TRIP裡有獨立策展人王咏琳的舊金山之行、PLAYLIST介紹年輕藝術家陳雲的歌單;時尚單元帶來攝影師Chun P. Lin與出奇新銳藝術家Super ADD的影像合作;本次的HI TAIWAN藝術家紙上駐村計劃則選定新北市三重,呈現印尼藝術家Debbie Tea異於常人的細微觀察。

特別收錄:日常宇宙 The Living Universe —— 由德國法蘭克福、匈牙利特爾泰什陶沃、馬來西亞喬治城、美國芝加哥四組家庭成員分享持家的理念、對居所與生活的想法;細膩的家庭肖像照底下,是歲時移動的細節和軌跡。本期獨家!

Continuing the debut issue’s scale, the second NOT TODAY has come out, with finer details and more appealing stories. Another 6 items in OBJECTS; 2 visits to Frankfurt am Main and Buenos Aires for INTERVIEWS. The wonderful duo from Thisispaper made dumplings and borscht and potato cheesecakes for THE KITCHEN. As SOMETHING SPATIAL, this time is about artist-in-residency. A SPACE FOR_____Wiels in Brussels and 182aerspace in Tainan. A CURATOR'S TRIP in San Francisco; FASHION GAMES with Super ADD and Chun P. Lin; PLAYLIST by Yun Chen and finally Debbie Tea visited Sanchong for HI TAIWAN round 2!

Special feature: A booklet of THE LIVING UNIVERSE.

Jamais deux sans trois (never twicewithout a third); without coincidences there would be no stories.