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  • Book Size: 23 x 30 cm
  • Pages: 144
  • Printing: CMYK offset, Soft cover
  • Language: English / Chinese
  • ISSN: 2308575-4
  • Publication Date: Summer 2014
  • Publisher: Waterfall

夏天來臨,足球賽打亂了我們的作息,NOT TODAY第三期伴著烈日與激情降臨。COVER STORY由新銳藝術家鄭婷帶來「Do You Good 為你好」影像新作;OBJECTS再度混合了設計品、藝術品與常民物件;INTERVIEWS部份,我們在士林一座透明的工作室裡與自然洋行的負責人曾志偉談論建築與人生,也走訪了奈良古城,尋探藝術家西尾美也一手打造的溫馨小室;THE KITCHEN單元由彰化溪洲的「泰國媽媽」阿Tuk及作家吳音寧料理泰國菜,在農用書店的共食餐中吃下了一整桌爽辣噴香的夏天之味;SOMETHING SPATIAL單元以藝術家自營空間為主題,分享葡萄牙、荷蘭、臺北、挪威在地藝術家所打造的各色空間;A SPACE FOR_____則請到了藝術雙人組OttoKaan以「泡沫男孩」的身份在古蹟樓房裡奔來跑去,也藉著藝術家邱承宏打製的大理石鹿,揣想臺灣東部的採石礦場模樣;本期CURATOR'S TRIP收錄一封策展人吳達坤寫給亞細亞的信;HI TAIWAN第三話則由英國藝術家Nicholas Brooks與花蓮擔綱,此地作為他造訪的第一座亞洲城市,一抹異地臺灣的生活切片就此浮現。

Summer is here. The third NOT TODAY arrives with fervor. Ting Cheng did a photoshoot called Do You Good for the COVER STORY. 2 INTERVIEWS were done in Shilin,Taipei and Nara, Kyoto, separately. In THE KITCHEN,Thai Mama cooked authentic Thai dishes at a specialist agriculture bookstore that was restored from a 100-year-old hotel in central Taiwan. For SOMETHING SPATIAL, something there is about artist-run initiatives. A SPACE FOR_____ has the ultimate platform for Foamboys and Marble Deers. A CURATOR'S TRIP made between Taipei and Tokyo. Nicholoas Brook got his very first footsteps in Haulian for HI TAIWAN.