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  • Book Size: 23 x 30 cm
  • Pages: 128
  • Extra contents: A 64-Page Special Brochure
  • Printing: CMYK offset, Soft cover
  • Language: English / Chinese
  • ISSN: 2308575-4
  • Publication Date: Spring 2015
  • Publisher: Waterfall

“I was born tomorrow.Today I live. Yesterday killed me.” By Parviz Owsia 

2015年的到來迎來了許多意料之外,揮別所有緩慢積攢的過去,NOT TODAY第五期發刊了。混合創作物、設計品與常民物件,OBJECTS 單元藉著物件的使用與創造提供生活的觀點;INTERVIEWS單元走訪了紐約,拜訪藝術家黃海欣的住家與工作室,也蹓躂到科尼島,一探創作雙人組PIMO的各樣藝術計畫;本期的THE PLAYLIST交由藝術家周育正擔任選曲工作;A SPACE FOR_______找來了柏林的YUKIKO工作室打造了一座虛擬但曾經存在的私人動物園,藝術家羅智信則邀請他的助理「雪倫」為大家介紹理想工作室該有的運作模式;CURATOR’STRIP單元記錄了策展人高森信男穿越西巴爾幹邊境的曲折故事;WELFARE CENTER裡,藝術家紀紐約打造「福利社區運動中心」,預備解放你的身心;THE KITCHEN單元以「野鴨與巧克力」為核心,串起丹麥設計師Margrethe Odgaard與大廚Jakob Mielcke共同合作的酸甜苦鹹鮮味企畫;HI TAIWAN單元延續著上期日本藝術家北澤潤在臺北南機場的「太陽自造旅館」計畫,這回記錄了房客入住的枝微點滴,番外篇則是行動團體「料理最前線」於日本橫濱駐村而打造的純小吃店;REVIEWS單元有藝評王咏琳評述藝術家郭奕臣的《曼哈頓》計畫。

特別收錄:將SOMETHING SPATIAL單元製成獨立冊,講述關於藝博會的種種,與高雄藝術博覽會合作策畫。

Waving goodbye to the slowly built-up past, the 5th NOT TODAY has launched. Mixing with design items, artworks and daily use products, we see perspectives of life in OBJECTS; There were 2 visits in New York for INTERVIEWS. THE PLAYLIST chosen by artist Yu-Chen Chou. For A SPACE FOR_______, a private zoo scene created by Studio YUKIKO. Artist Jr-Shin Luo and his (or everyone's) assistant Sharon talk about the creation and imagination of an ideal studio. At WELFARE CENTER, artist New-York Chi made a series of surprising sports facilities. In A CURATOR'S TRIP, Nobuo Takamori with a Taiwanese passport to cross borders in Western Balkan Peninsula. Designer Margrethe Odgaard and chef Jakob Mielcke collaborated to create the UMAMI taste for THE KITCHEN. 

In HI TAIWAN, the Sun Self Hotel in Nanjichang starts welcoming guests. For an extended reading, the artist collective Cooking at the Frontline built an innocent restaurant in Yokohama, Japan.

Special feature: SOMETHING SPATIAL in collaboration with Art Kaohsiung.