What's Your Function in Life?


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  • Book Size: 21 cm × 26 cm
  • Pages: 144 pages
  • Printing: 4 colour offset printing
  • Language: English / Chinese
  • ISBN: 978-986-85479-0-2

Bring together works from all over the world: The United States, South Korea, Britain, Russia, Egypt, Spain and Japan, the authors include professional photographers, artists, school teachers, students and the New York Times reporter and others. They’ve got an opportunity to question and to examine themselves, showing their inner life and creative ideas through this project. Mapping out the various day-to-day lives and also the metaphysical world view on private. We met a father, an on-the-road band and a pair of lovers; we saw youth, childhood, the middle class, the boredom in the reality, and the passion erupted in the solitude. “What’s my function in life?” “Why I’m here?” “What’s the purpose for it?” “What is life?” By asking questions, days like this or like that, no one could say what is the best, and no one feel too bad. However, we can discover something, like our own aura, in our daily life. In the moment this world seems no longer wonderful, those from the cracks in the excavation of the day-to-day energy flashes. Even if there’s only one little star shinning, it can make the sky as bright as always.