Ghost House: Ohad Matalon’s solo exhibition

Ghost House
Ohad Matalon’s solo exhibition

2014. 03. 08 - 2014. 03. 30
No.20-3, Beiping E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10049, Taiwan
10049 台北市北平東路20-3號

"Ghost House" is developed out of the artist’s concern for architecture.He developed this series during his travels around the world in recent years. Invited by tamtamART TAIPEI.PIX, Matalon has selected works photographed in Taiwan and Israel. While abandoned houses and ruins are fascinating subjects, the artist goes beyond spectator. Matalon resists the role of spectating recorder, and disturbs the trace of time in these spaces by rearranging objects, alluding to existence and memory in recreating a “still here” presence in these abandoned buildings.




《鬼屋》這系列作品是Ohad Matalon這些年行/觀遍世界各地所發展出來的系列作品,此次應tamtamART TAIPEI .IPIX之邀,揀選攝於台灣與以色列兩地的作品展出。旁觀者發展出的廢墟攝影是個相當普遍且迷人的題材,但Matalon並不將自己作為一個旁觀的記錄者,他重新擺置物件的動作擾動了此些空間中的時間痕跡,以一種「還在」的狀態呈現這些早被遺棄的建物空間,試著再現藏于散落一地的物件背後能喻指的存在與 記憶痕跡。