NOT TODAY magazine #2 is out!

Continuing the debut issue’s scale, the second NOT TODAY has come out, with finer details and more appealing stories. Another 6 items in OBJECTS; 2 visits to Frankfurt am Main and Buenos Aires for INTERVIEWS. The wonderful duo from Thisispaper made dumplings and borscht and potato cheesecakes for THE KITCHEN. As SOMETHING SPATIAL, this time is about artist-in-residency. A SPACE FOR_____Wiels in Brussels and 182aerspace in Tainan. A CURATOR'S TRIP in San Francisco; FASHION GAMES with Super ADD and Chun P. Lin; PLAYLIST by Yun Chen and finally Debbie Tea visited Sanchong for HI TAIWAN round 2!

Jamais deux sans trois (never twicewithout a third); without coincidences there would be no stories.


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